Using the iPad Part 1

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Recently I bought myself an iPad for my birthday present. Apparently it’s an iPad 4, which I didn’t now existed yet, so out of touch with the world’s major events as I am. One of the main motivators for me to get one was because my current employers, the British Council, have got 2 sets of iPads for the students to use.

So how to use it? Initially, the Internet wasn’t working in the classrooms where I do most of my teaching and as of writing, it’s still a bit dodgy. Having said that, finding a half decent activity on the web that doesn’t use Flash is still a bit hard, and the iPads aren’t yet set up right to download apps and sync them all. I’ve booked to use them tomorrow and on Sunday, so what the hell will I use them for?

Simple answer is video. What I’d like them to do is create a video in which they talk about one of the topics we’ve been looking at. They can do this is pairs as this might overcome the teenagers self consciousness. We’ve been looking at illnesses and Joseph Lister, so they can choose one of these.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m still hunting for a decent non Flash activity, mainly to check if the Internet is working ok in the classrooms. Maybe to do a bit of research on Lister and illnesses?


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